About Us

Our roots in the cattle business trace back to the encouragement my father gave to me as I was growing up to start a cow herd. In 1978 he helped me purchase a dozen young Hereford cows that became the base of the initial herd. Starting in "78" the focus was crossing those cows with purebred red and straw colored Simmental bulls to move towards a percentage Simmental herd.

In 1993 the decision was made to switch from the large framed red Simmentals to a more moderate black animal. At approximately that same time we moved from a smaller 90 acre pasture near Coon Rapids to our present summer location south of Guthrie Center. This new location of approximately 720 acres enabled us to create individual breeding groups from 25 to 35 head each and allowed us to compare multiple sires and females.

Since the herds inception we have been collecting birth, weaning, and yearling weights of all of the calves. By combining the use of this information along with the epd's generated from the American Simmental Association we feel we have been able to develop a high performing cow herd.

Since we made the decision to move to a black based cow herd in "93" we have traveled throughout the country in making our herd sire selections. Our emphasis has been to purchase homozygous black and polled sires. In recent years we have worked with Allied Genetics to expand the number of herds we can search to find that "one" perfect bull. In addition, we have been extensively using AI to expand the .genetic pool we can access.

We have marketed bulls over the years through the Iowa Beef Connection, Iowa Cattleman's Association bull tests and through private treaty sales. We have been pleased with the performance of our bulls in recent ICA tests and have had multiple top gaining calves. The opening day for our private treaty bull sales has been in early March the last few years.

Mike and Emma Bielenberg

Dr. David Shirbroun